Enjoy unlimited movies on MovieBox App

There are numerous movie maniacs who are glued to movies and love to catch up with all the latest flicks and films. It is not always possible to rush to the theatres and watch all the latest films. Here comes the fantastic app MovieBox that offers you all the cinema experience and keeps you updated with all latest video tracks. It is not just a movie application but is embedded with multiple features and services that will leave you awed and highly satiated.

Fast 8

The Movie Box app is a perfect pick for all film lovers as it comes with the apt choices for films and gives unparalleled service to enjoy them. It is a simple and user-friendly app that can be easily downloaded on your Android and iOS devices and you enjoy watching flicks without the hassle of rushing to theatres. It is widely popular and much talked about owing to its feature to allow users to watch films online and offline. It is most useful as it supports videos in all formats like mp4, mkv, wmv, etc. It is one of the best film apps compatible for iOS versions for free streaming of TV series and movies in HD quality.

Special Features

Unlimited watching of movies is the most captivating feature that makes it most preferred. You can simple search for the films of your choice and create your own playlist.

  1. You can sort your favorites accordingly and play them later even in offline or flight mode. You can stream numerous movies and save them for later. Watching a plethora of flicks gives unlimited entertainment and a perfect pick for all film followers.
  2. It also houses full-fledged shows and videos of TV series. It contains flicks of all genres and all categories including the dramatic romantic to creepy horrors. You can relish all the thrills and suspense from just one easy source which is easy to handle.
  3. The download is simple and you can enjoy your flicks and videos with some gentle taps.

Easy Steps to download in iOS

This highly entertainment item is compatible to both Android and iOS devices. Here are some easy steps that will help you get it downloaded in you iOS for free.

  1. The device date must be modified and a difference of 1 year must be maintained.
  2. The browser should be executed and the links for downloading it in iOS must be searched and kept.
  3. You can go for installation depending upon the version. The webpage gives a proper guidance.
  4. The greenish button of ‘Install’ helps you to get started with installation process.

Steps to download in Android phones

  1. Navigate to Settings and then security to start the download. Tap on Unknown sources and check the allow installation of sources.
  2. You can tap the .APK file to start the download on your mobiles. This helps to initiate the download the installation.

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