December 3, 2022

Executive Protection

Before a team is assigned, your organization needs to understand the risks. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, London, Frankfurt and Mumbai, Global Threat Solutions is well-positioned to give you, your family and business Peace of Mind in Uncertain Times. Records a visitors interaction with a running website optimization test, to ensure that a visitor has a consistent experience. Records a visitor’s interaction with a running website optimization test, to ensure that a visitor has a consistent experience. In 1988, the International Foundation for Protection Officers was formed.

We will help identify potential security threats and neutralize them before you find yourself in danger. Our extensive and comprehensive services ensure you have the protection you require around the clock. Each of our protection professionals is experts in advanced planning and logistics, emergency response, crisis management and threat assessment. Statistics have proven that the majority of security issues that involve high-profile people occur while the individuals are on the go. Our team is available to provide protection and security for clients regardless of if they are at home, in the car or in the office. Close Protection – Close protection services are ideal for the client that is being targeted by a physical threat or is facing the threat of harassment, embarrassment, extortion, etc., and wishes to have 24/7 protection.

Let’s break it down and dive deep into what concerns those receiving protective services, i.e., principals. Public access can quickly become bottlenecks, while restricted areas require special security protocols to ensure that only authorized persons can access them. Access control is essential to protect your property, staff and visitors. We provide both secure transportation and journey management services for your personnel on the move. Integrated risk management, crisis response, consulting, intel and protective solutions. That said, single-agent details are also common for clients who seek partial-day security coverage on a daily basis.

If your team finds itself in a situation involving sudden political unrest, natural disasters or other immediate threats, our elite evacuation teams can safely and quickly remove those at risk and transfer them to secure environments. Even highly-trained security officers who have been schooled in recognizing and responding to attacks are at a disadvantage once an attack is launched. Prior to BlackCloak, Chris served for over a decade on the Department of Homeland Security’s Privacy Committee and Cybersecurity Subcommittee, and is a Distinguished Fellow of the Ponemon Institute.

Since driving is an integral part of the job requirement, Agents will need to be skilled behind the wheel. Should they ever find themselves in a situation where they have to evade a threat or get away from a situation quickly, the client will need to know they are in good hands when traveling at high speeds. An Executive Protection professional is intelligent, discreet, decisive, ethical, and serious. They are able to work in a fast-paced environment and maintain a high level of integrity, focus, and situational awareness, at all times. executive protection schools are highly autonomous and carry themselves with a level of professionalism at all times. This type of focus and dedication allows them to do their job to the best of their ability and to the highest possible standard.

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